Strategic Intelligence, Inc., is a comprehensive strategy and general management consulting services firm focused on the identification and evaluation of new and emerging technologies in the life sciences and the creation of break through strategies for the successful development, launch, and commercialization of the associated product opportunities. We offer a unique and fresh approach to strategic consulting for the medical device and biotechnology industries, by combining a deep understanding of the most relevant technology issues with proven business practices, to deliver thorough, analytical, creative, and break through solutions for the entire development and commercialization cycle.

We are in the business of offering intelligent strategic solutions for the business of life sciences. Our clients have trusted us with their consulting needs for the following key reasons:
  • Solutions that are specific to the problems at hand
  • Creative and fresh approach in evaluating existing challenges
  • "Out of the box" orientation to problem solving
  • Grounded on solid research and analysis
  • Combined century of industry experience
  • Highly collaborative approach in serving as a strategic assessment and planning extension to the client's existing organization
The results that our clients have derived from our services have always included:
  • A more detailed and fundamental understanding of key technology issues associated with the application of their product for the targeted clinical application
  • A thorough understanding of the dynamics of the marketplace and the current environment for the proposed clinical solution
  • A definition of key unmet needs in the marketplace and a determination of strategies to best address these needs
  • Clear appreciation of the multitude of factors that drive sustainable competitive advantage
  • Concise, clear, objective, action-oriented recommendations which create a bridge between strategy and implementation
We strive to add significant value to every engagement, leveraging the strengths and capabilities of the entire organization to offer a holistic methodology to problem solving. Our consulting approach includes the following key elements:
  • Direct involvement: Principals actively lead every single project
  • Relevant Skill Sets: Necessary and complementary skill sets in science, technology and business are brought to bear on each project
  • Ongoing Communication: Each project is carried out in collaboration with the client company, and SI maintains ongoing interaction with clients from inception to completion
  • Critical Resources:
    • We have a significant industry and clinical contact network that we are able to engage on an as-needed basis to meet project requirements
    • Significant primary and secondary research resources are used in each project for all major markets
    • An integral part of all primary research activities involves the identification, recruitment and interviewing of thought leaders in the respective clinical specialty and industry segment

In the dynamic and ever-changing environment for the biomedical industry, companies face new challenges on multiple fronts, ranging from financial and strategic, to technical, regulatory and marketing.

We are in the business of seeking out intelligent strategic solutions for the business of life sciences, and we invite you to put the unique combination of skill sets and know how of our consultants to solve the many challenges that face your business.